As the new decade unfolds, it's time to let go of our limited focus on individual and territorial concerns, and on our political, racial, and spiritual differences. It's time to come together as 'One People', with one united spirit, and to start thinking globally, for a far larger and more important cause: mutual survival, planetary healing, and world peace. This song is dedicated to that purpose.

Commissioned in 1990 to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of Earth Day. It was named 'Canada's Official Earth Day Song'.  Recorded in English and French.  Made into a video, which received national airplay.

The Grail Song, live recording from 1987's 'Morry Stearns & Friends Concert' featuring Shari Ulrich, Paul Horn, and the band: Daryl Bennett (drums), Dane Deviller (guitar), Rene Worst (bass), Tom Colclough (sax), Bill Sample (synth), Norm MacPherson (guitar).

Magic Feeling

Lady in Lace: Patti Glover.

In 1987, Victoria submitted a bid to host the 1994 Commonwealth Games. Other bids came from Halifax, Ottawa, and Vancouver/Richmond. Victoria won the right to represent Canada. This video was part of that bid. "Welcome to Our Island Home"... words and music: Morry Stearns. Visuals: Gary McCartie, Opening poem: Dale Baglo, narrated by Gipp Forster. Script: Dale Baglo, narrated by Delores Bate. 'Gimme a V' lyrics by Gary McCartie.  Orchestration: Bill Sample. Vocalists: Duncan Meiklejohn, April Gislason, and Morry Stearns.

Apologies for the 'grainy' video quality.  These are dubs of dubs. The original multi-projector system these were presented on is no longer available.  Standard definition was typical for the era... so best watched on a small screen!